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Carbon fishing rod super light super hard fishing rod set crucian rod handle

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Carbon fishing rod super light super hard fishing rod set crucian rod handle 

Light, fine and tough / strong waist / light handle

Pull 20 catties of big fish wildly, the rod is powerful, and the speed of fish return is fast!

Special fishing rod for carp and crucian carp!

A variety of materials: longitudinal carbon cloth, reverse filament winding carbon cloth, K cloth reinforcement, thickened carbon cloth layer, transverse carbon cloth, clockwise filament winding carbon cloth!

Flexible design | small fish has hand feeling | big fish has waist strength !

The rod is stiff and does not bend, and the top fishing test of 500g is easy and effortless !

Atmospheric metal front plug, metal material, beautiful front baking paint!

Rotating rod

Knitting grip

The culm wall is uniform


The product is light, thin and tough, strong waist force, light and flexible design, small fish has hand feel, big fish has waist force!

It can be used in many waters, 360 ° Rotating rod tip / durable / pull resistant!

360 ° Rotating rod slightly, not easy to winding, winding at the same time more powerful!

Ergonomics handlebar rubber anti slip grip? Sweat absorption, anti slip, comfortable grip!

Fishing rod surface fluorescent paint, multi-layer paint spray repeatedly, the surface is delicate and smooth!

Product information


Specifications :141.73 inch

Antecedent path:0.047 inch

Yuanjing :0.433 inch

Number of long contraction segments :4

weight:2.5 oz

Gift bag:Convenient line group x2 、Fishdrift x2、Fishhook X5